Family Mediation Service

Our Mission Statement

Providing a family mediation service to suit your particular needs. Our mediator - family dispute resolution practitioner -  is accredited through the Attorney General's Department. Offering a personalised service that is cost effective, with set rates including a concession rate for those on a low income. There is little to no waiting period, comfortable rooms and you will be dealing with just the one mediator throughout the process. Please refer below or click on the links to learn more about the types of mediation we have to offer. For further information call to speak directly to a mediator. 

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) - mediation

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is used as a means for separated or divorced parents, to develop post separation parenting arrangments in an environment of co-operation, without having to resort to expensive, time consuming and daunting legal action. Parenting plans reached in family dispute resolution can easily be turned into legally binding consent orders. 

Family Dispute Resolution is also used to review existing consent orders or parenting plans which are outdated and have become less relevant due to changes in yours or your child/ren's life. 

Parenting plans made through family dispute resolution is often less acrimonious and litigious than couples that separate less kindly. 

Importantly, this means better outcomes for the children.

Pre-Separation Mediation

If you are a couple that may be considering separation then Pre-Separation Mediation gives you the opportunity to make new agreements about what each of you needs to separate respectfully. It is not counselling but rather a short-term, future-focused process that gives you a structured plan that you have developed together. 

Examples of agreements that can emerge from the pre-separation mediation can include:

  • rules around acceptable communication
  • how to protect the children and what to tell them
  • interim financial agreements
  • who sleeps where - for now and for how long?
  • decisions about when and if to get legal advice

Everything is mutually agreed and  understood by both parties so no one person feels the other is doing something without their knowledge or consent.

Family Mediation

Family Mediation is a voluntary process and assists in resolving conflict between family members including extended family. Our accredited family mediator acts as a neutral 3rd party, who will help you to identify and work through issues in a respectful and safe environment.


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