Parenting Programs

Keeping your children safe

While it is important that your child gets to spend good quality time with both parents after you separate, it should be done in a safe manner.


Separated couples with an infant child need to know that their baby is safe when not in their care. Some new parents may benefit from working out how to establish a routine so they feel more organised when caring for their baby. People may want to learn how to set up the house as safely as possible, how to settle baby and so forth. Confident parenting can make the difference between enjoying the time with your baby or spending the time stressing out (which even infants can pick up on). 


Hands on Parenting Education

This is a great program, especially for newly separated mums or dads who want to learn how to look after their young child safely, or for grandparents who look after their grandchildren.  The sessions go for about 60 minutes and the cost is $35.00 or free to those on a health care card. Contact Drummond Street Services on 9663 6733 for more details.

This program offers people a chance to get help with every aspect of looking after a young child safely and effectively. They show you how to change nappies, settling babies to sleep, feeding, nutrition, behaviour management, safety and much more.


The Parenting Coach Centre

This centre runs Parent Effective Training (PET). For their 2014 parenting course dates go to

Find out why children have tantrums and learn how to establish a great bedtime routine and more.


For separated couples with an infant

Your dependant child around 0 - 2 years

  • Contact needs to be frequent but short
  • Children may not remember you between visits
  • May have difficulty settling before or after spends time
  • Each family will make individual decisions about how time will be spent focusing on the child's positive experiences, adjustment and well-being
  • Conflict will become a fixed memory