Termination of Family Dispute Resolution Sessions

Things that a practitioner needs to consider before & during mediation

First and foremost is safety followed closely by each party's willingness to mediate. So who is suitable for mediation and who isn't?

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Family Mediation Session

Why mediation?

A Family Mediation Session is typically a 2 or 3 hour block where the family attends as a group to resolve an issue that can not resolved at home. It's not counselling, and although it is not a long process, it works.

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Communicating with your teenager video

Need help communicating with your teenage children?

If so, then this video is well worth a look

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The Family Dispute Resolution Process and Complaints Mechanism explained: Know your rights

Understanding your rights

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What is mediation

Mediation to resolve conflict

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes between 2 or more parties. The mediator acts as a neutral 3rd party and helps others reach agreement

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Family Mediation

 Why family mediation?

Family mediation is a way for conflicted family members to come together and talk openly about their issues in order to remove conflict and move forward.

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