Family Mediation

 Why family mediation?

Family mediation is a way for conflicted family members to come together and talk openly about their issues in order to remove conflict and move forward.



It is useful to so many families to resolve issues for

  • Co parents
  • Same sex couples
  • Grand parents
  • Blended families
  • Step families
  • Adoptive families
  • DHS clients
  • Arrange child related issues when an Intervention Order is issued (conditions apply)
  • Families with donor conceived children
  • Adolescents and their families


Why use an Accredited Family Mediator


It is best to use an accredited mediator who specializes in family mediation, rather than a generalist mediator.  Although each person's situation is unique, a family mediator will have a better understanding of the issues that each family member is presenting with. Having a mediator that can identify the issues is vital - it is THE most important first step in the mediation process. Identifying issues and giving each family member an opportunity to discuss them in a safe environment is the role of the mediator in assisting the family resolve conflict and reach a resolution.  


What is conflict


Conflict occurs when you are not getting something you want from another person. Somehow that person is not meeting your needs or allowing you to get the outcome you want from a situation.  

Often those in conflict use denial as a tool, particularly in the early stages, but overtime denial ceases to be the solution. It is often when one party confronts the reality of the situation and resentment starts to build that they seek assistance. 

Mediators often see families at this stage of the conflict. 


Understanding the role of the mediator


Mediators are able to assist by being an impartial 3rd party, someone who is able to help the parties identify the issues and provide a safe environment to work through them.

Understanding each others point of view, in order to reach mutually agreeable solutions often requires all parties to be open to negotiation and compromising. 

That is why mediators will, prior to the commencement of mediation sessions, assess if the parties are willing to compromise and negotiate in order to resolve conflict and reach agreements.