Family Mediation Session

Why mediation?

A Family Mediation Session is typically a 2 or 3 hour block where the family attends as a group to resolve an issue that can not resolved at home. It's not counselling, and although it is not a long process, it works.



A Mediator manages the time allocated to ask specific questions of each member of the group allowing time for each family member to have their say. The questions and direction of the session is driven by the mediator to ensure an outcome is reached.

How many Family Mediation Sessions does it take?

That can vary based on a number of factors. Depending on the complexity of the issue/s that are being tackled and the personality traits within the family unit, it can take from 1 to a half dozen sessions. Financial situations often can be handled in one session, while long standing compounding emotional issues can take many sessions.

What should you take to a Family Mediation Session?

There is no expectations on what you need to bring to a session. It can be helpful to write notes as it is a secondary method of input. All sessions are recorded, and a copy of the session can be handed out on request.