Family Law Court and it's primary considerations

The Courts Primary Considerations are those that are in the child/ren's best interests

Ensuring that the child is able to continue having a meaningful relationship with both parents is number one in importance (whenever possible).


As well:

a. No matter who the children live with, they need and deserve to know that they are loved and wanted by both parents.

b. How to keep a child safe : having parent's consider supervised access, limited access, no sleepovers, if the child is old enough to execute a safety plan then ensure that one is in place, having counselling.


Additional considerations - how parents would demonstrate each factor in practical terms.

Allow the child to show his/her true feelings and express wishes without feeling disloyal to either parent.

By allowing the child to see family members and being respectful of these relationships.

Form a workable relationship for the benefit of your children and respect the other parent's arrangements.

Understand that children may feel confused, uncertain, abandoned or guilty about these changes. How the adult's act during this period will make a big difference to the child's reaction. Try not to blame the other parent, explain the new arrangements, and reassure them.

Before making any decisions, consider if such an arrangement is reasonable and practical for the child. The child should not be worse off by the new arrangements.

Having a shared understanding of your child's needs and working to ensure that the child's emotional, eduational, financial, cultural and health needs are met.

Allowing your child to continue having the same beliefs and living a similar lifestyle and remaining respectful of each other's value system.

By ensuring that the parenting plan allows the child to attend cultural events and to be allowed meaningful relationships with family members.

To make sure the kids realize that they were not the cause of the separation and that although you may no longer be partners, your are parent's forever.

Understanding the impact family violence has on teh child and ensuring the child is not exposed to this form of behaviour.